IAS Outstanding Educator/Mentor Award

About the Award

This award honors an individual who has made an outstanding contributions to education and mentorship of students and young engineers within the fields of interest of the IEEE Industry Applications Society.

Basis for Judging:

Development of educational materials: books, course materials, papers on education, audiovisual teaching materials, on-line courses, etc.

  • Relevant teaching/mentorship activities and stimulation of students and young professionals: bachelor, master and doctorate courses and supervision activities, conference tutorials, webinars, on-line tutorials, etc.
  • Mentoring of students or professionals within the industry to help further their understanding of technology and market dynamics, aiming to enhance their career.
  • Innovations in teaching/mentoring: development of new teaching methodologies and materials, courses, teaching laboratory equipment development, industry training, etc.
  • Research activities relevant to excellence in teaching and training of students and young professionals: inventions, patents, utility models, etc. and description on how these activities increase teaching/mentoring excellence.
  • Excellence in teaching/mentorship: awards and recognitions received by the candidate and former students/young co-workers, relevant positions held by former students/young co-workers, etc.
  • Development/presentation of tutorials at IAS conferences and content at the IAS Resource Center.
  • Creation/participation of/in university/industry training actions for students and young professionals.
  • Tutoring university master/doctorate students in enterprise internship training.

Self nomination is not permitted for this award.

Nomination Deadline:

Nominations are accepted from 1 January through 1 May.

Online Submission Form:

The call for nominations for 2024 is open only for academia nominees.

Primary appointment will be considered for eligibility.

A retired candidate will be considered based on his last primary appointment.


$3,000 and engraved plaque to be presented at the IAS Annual Meeting, and reimbursment of reasonable travel expenses to attend the Annual Meeting

Funded by:

Funded by the IEEE Industry Applications Society


At IAS Annual Meeting

Award Honorees

Germano Lambert Torres

Latest Award Winner

The 2023 IAS Educator/Mentor Award was presented to Germano Lambert-Torres at the 2023 IAS Annual Meeting/ECCE Conference

Past Recipients Include:

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2022Paresh Sen
2021Sri Niwas Singh
2020Bhim Singh
2019Ned Mohan