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Member-at-Large Application for 2025 IEEE Industry Applications Society Board

The IAS Nominations and Appointments Committee are seeking candidates for Member-at-Large positions on the 2025 IAS Executive Board:

Summary of Duties of Members-at-Large

Members-at-Large should bring balance to the Executive Board by championing the interests of technical and/or geographical segments of the Society that are not otherwise represented on the board. Members-at-Large will be assigned to assist in the implementation of selected projects on behalf of the Board.

To apply, please complete the following Smartsheet form:

The deadline for applications is 31 May, 2024.


General Requirements for Members of the IEEE Industry Applications Society Executive Board

Board members are expected to attend Board meetings in person. There are normally 3 meetings in odd-numbered years and four meetings in even-numbered years. Board members are expected to attend, in person preferably or electronically, at least three of the Board meetings held each year. The Board meetings are held approximately once per calendar quarter. The first three meetings are typically held in conjunction with an IAS Technical Conference. The meetings usually last one and a half days. Major expenses for travel are covered, except if the Board member as a part of their job would attend the conference even if not a Board member.

Members filling elected positions hold two-year terms and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Members filling appointed positions serve one-year terms that can be extended four times upon Executive Board approval.

Many more details concerning Board member responsibility, and election and nomination processes, are available in the IAS Constitution, By-Laws, and Policy and Procedure Manual, all available on the IAS website at: https://ias.ieee.org/about/

Contact us:
If you have any questions, please send an email to  [email protected]
Akshay Picture1

Akshay Kumar Rathore

Solero Luca 2023 3

Luca Solero


(two positions open)

Jie Shi400 gray

Jie Shi

Sidra Malik400

Sidra Malik

Kashem Muttaqi400

Kashem Muttaqi

Zhaohao Ding400

Zhaohao Ding