IEEE IAS Global Mentoring Program Contest

Nurturing the Future

The Global Mentoring Program (GMP) contest is designed to encourage IEEE IAS Student Branch Chapters (SBCs) and IEEE YP Affinity Groups to develop and host their own local mentoring event, to benefit their membership base and attract new members to join the Society and their local entities. See below for details on how to enter, critical deadlines, and awards.

In line with the proposed IAS five-year strategic plan (2020-2025), the IAS Board is of the view to offer more value-added benefits to its students and Young Professionals. In this regard, several YP activities have been introduced. These include, but are not limited to, the Young Professional Webinar series, “Roundtable Mentoring Session” at the IAS Annual Meeting 2022 in Detroit, the appointment of a new IAS YP Chair to coordinate YP activities within IAS, and joint activities sister/inter societal (e.g. IAS/PESL, IAS/PES).

In keeping with this theme, the Global Young Professional Mentoring Program (GMP) Contest was developed and endorsed by the IAS Executive Board. The GMP contest offers many other benefits to YPs and student members other than mentoring. These include developing public relation (PR) skills, development of management skills, value addition to IAS membership, etc. The GMP Committee is established within the IAS Education Department to oversee its development.

Critical Deadlines

  • Contest Announcement: 20 February 2023
  • Deadline for Submissions: 20 June 2023
  • Winners Announcement: 10 July 2023

Monetary Awards

  1. 1000 USD–First (1st) place, with certificates for the organizers. + travel grant for two people to attend IAS Annual Meeting 2023.
  2. 750 USD–Second (2nd) place, with certificates for the organizers.
  3. 500 USD–Third place (3rd), with certificates for the organizers.

Note: If, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, the quality of the submissions do not sufficiently meet the evaluation criteria, the committee reserves the right not to present the awards. 

How to Enter

Looking for more information?

For any further inquiries, please contact Nishad Mendis or Sumit Chhabria.