Distinguished Lecturer Program

distinguish lecturer program

IAS Distinguished Lecturer and Prominent Lecturer Program

The IAS DL/PL Program provides IAS Chapters the opportunity to invite and host an experienced lecturer, either in-person or virtually (webinar format) to present a topic within their area of expertise. The program offers a list of renowned and exceptional lecturers who each possess specialist knowledge within their field. In addition to their technical expertise, the lecturers are also long-time volunteers of the Industry Applications Society. The program plays a pivotal role in bringing experienced researchers and technical experts from various IEEE regions directly to chapters.

IAS DL/PL Program Call for Nominations 2024-2025

IAS CMD DL/PL committee invites nominations for Distinguished Lecturers for 2024-2025. Nominations will be closed on 30th April 2023.

IAS DL/PL Program

The DLPL Program is managed by Tamás Ruzsányi, IAS CMD DLPL Committee Chair.


IAS Distinguished Lecturers


IAS Prominent Lecturers

IAS Inter-Society Distinguished Lecturer Program

The IAS Inter-Society Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Program is administered through the Chapters & Membership Department and provides IAS Chapters access to distinguished lecturers from the Industrial Electronics Society (IES), Power Electronics Society (PELS) and the Power Engineering Society (PES).

The program was started in 2000 through an inter-society cooperation agreement between IAS, IES, PELS & PES. Further regulations were made in 2008 which remained unchanged in the 2011 and 2014 agreements.

IAS Chapters benefit by having access to a larger selection of distinguished lecturers from societies with similar technical interests.

Information on the IES/PELS/PES DL programs including a listing of DL’s and topics can be found at:

How does it work?

Each Society has agreed to fund its own DLs in accordance with their own funding rules and eligibility. IAS Chapters should contact the appropriate DL Program Chair when utilizing this program.

IAS chapters are free to invite DLs of other Societies but IAS doesn´t cover the expenses of the lecture tour.


Should you have any queries regarding the IAS DL/PL program, please email the IAS DL/PL Program Chair.