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If you need assistance or are looking to contact the office of IEEE IAS, please email one of the staff or volunteers listed below. We will try to return your email within two to three business days. For volunteer inquiries or letters of recommendation to attend one of our conferences, please complete the forms provided.

IAS Executive Office

Patrick McCarren

Society Executive Director

Kim Borini

Society Administrator

Andrea M Sadlowski

Society Administrator

IAS Volunteer Contacts

Andy Knight

Society President

Interested in Volunteering?

Please use the button below to complete the form and be matched with an open volunteer position or to get more information about volunteering within the IAS.

Every attempt will be made to match volunteer requests to their choice of volunteer positions. It may take a few weeks from time of inquiry to matching skill sets to current open positions. Please contact the IAS Administrator, if your request has not been answered in a timely manner.

Letter of Recommendation Request

Please use the button below to fill out a form to have a letter sent to your employer for you to request permission to attend an IAS sponsored conference or event.

You will need to provide your IEEE member number and up to three volunteer categories to substantiate your request.