Calls for Web-based Tutorials

Submit a Proposal to Become a Presenter

The IAS Education Department is developing a tutorial program that will appeal to a broad attendance, depending upon their experience, discipline and responsibilities. The tutorial program is intended to provide all attendees with an opportunity to enhance the education of the professional working in the field of industry applications of electrical engineering. Both experienced and new to the profession engineers can benefit from the tutorials, either by updating or renewing their knowledge base or by accelerating their learning process on new topics. The tutorials should provide value to practicing engineers combine the theory with applications and practical solutions. The topics can range from broad to narrow in scope, and can vary from introductory, intermediate or advanced in technical level. The tutorials will be arranged in 1 hour modules, and can accommodate an introductory to more advanced presentation in several modules up to a maximum of 5 modules per topic. Each module of the tutorial must have an interactive Q&A segment for self-evaluation of his/her learning by the attendee.

The tutorials will be available at the IAS Resource Center ( Compensation for tutorial speakers includes an honorarium of US$1000. In the case of multiple speakers for one tutorial, the honorarium may be shared among the speakers.

Success of the tutorial will be evaluated by collecting data on the number of tutorial attendees, tutorial revenues, attendees’ comments and other relevant information. A survey for tutorial attendees will be carried out to evaluate the attendees’ satisfaction with the tutorial. This information will be shared with the tutorial speaker to allow him/her to improve future versions.

Tutorial proposals should be submitted as a digest containing the title, abstract (no more than 500 words), outline, contact information and short bio of speaker(s) and other relevant information requested in the Tutorial Information Form, which can be downloaded here.

The speaker bio should describe the qualifications for presenting the proposed tutorial including the work and publications that are most relevant to the proposal. All tutorial proposals will be peer reviewed by at least two experts in the matter. For this purpose, it is strongly recommended to submit a draft version of a section of the tutorial slides. Review results will be shared with the speaker to allow for further improvement of the tutorial.

  • Speaker(s) to fill up the Tutorial Information Form and submit it together with a draft of the presentation slides to the IAS Tutorial Committee Chair.
  • The tutorial proposal to be sent for peer review (1 month)
  • Speakers to record presentations with the assistance of IAS staff (1 month)
  • Presentation videos and Q&A modules to be uploaded into IAS Resource Center (1 week)

Need More Information?

For additional information and submission, please contact the Web-based Tutorial Committee Chair by completing the form below.