Myron Zucker Programs

About Myron Zucker and the IAS Programs Named for Him

Mr. Myron Zucker (Jan 28, 1905 – Sep 29, 1988) received his bachelor in electrical engineering from Cornell University in 1925 followed by his master’s degree in 1929 from Union College. He was an inventor, holding a great number patents while he authored numerous technical papers. He was the founder and president of the Zucker Engineering Company, which later became Myron Zucker, Inc.

He was an IEEE member since 1926, an IEEE Senior Member since 1929 and in 1963 he became an IEEE Life Senior Member. He served as chair of the IAS Electric Welding Committee and general chair of the 1969 IAS Annual Meeting held in Detroit, Michigan. He was the chair of the IAS working group for the chapter on power capacitors for the IEEE Red Book.

He was an enthusiastic supporter and a benefactor of IEEE IAS as well as to students preparing for the electrical engineering profession. His concern about electrical engineering students led to his decision in 1986 to create Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Design Contest. 

Please find one of the patents of Mr. Myron Zucker (US 1851692, patented on March 29, 1932)

by Christina-Panagiota Malliou, IAS CMD Support Programs Committee Chair

Myron Zucker Student-Faculty Grant Program

The Industry Application Society is soliciting interested parties to submit proposals to the Myron Zucker Student Faculty Grant Program. Adhering to Mr. Zucker’s goal, the principal objectives of the Student-Faculty Grant Program are:

  •  to interest students and faculty in industry applications of electrical engineering;
  •  to involve students and faculty in engineering problems related to the Scope of the IEEE Industry Applications Society;
  •  to provide financial assistance to students for their education; and
  •  to provide seed money to allow faculty members to commence or expand teaching, research, or academic concentrations in industry applications of electrical   engineering.

In general, the Program functions much like a research support agency. It is administered by the IEEE Industry Applications Society through its Zucker Grant Committee with the consent of the IEEE Foundation.

The project must be designed to produce publishable results in one year (12 months). The preferred period of performance (for these 12 months) is September 1st through August 31st of the following year. The funding is such that approximately two grants, not exceeding $25,000 each, can be awarded during each annual proposal cycle. This endowment is the programs only funding source; no other sources, including IEEE membership dues, are used.

Each project must be under the primary direction of a person who holds a full-time regular academic appointment on the engineering teaching faculty of an institution of higher education. This individual must be a member of IEEE. This is to be strictly enforced by the IEEE Foundation and any entries that do not meet this criteria will be rejected.

For more details about the program and links to the program guidelines and program application, please visit the CMD website Society Chapter Awards, >> IAS Myron Zucker Student-Faculty Grant Program.

Travel Award

Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Travel Grants are awarded to selected students each year.  Students are selected based on meeting established educational criteria.  All students must submit a current application in order to be considered for the program.  Please see the program details below for the current year’s instructions.  Selected students will be notified in late April of the upcoming conferece year for the IAS Annual Meeting. 

This program has been extended to other IAS Conferences as well and each conference will administer the program themselves.

Annual Meeting Zucker Travel Program Guidelines:

The program will pay travel expenses up to $300 (R1-7) and up to $800 (R8-10) for a student to travel to the IAS Annual Meeting Conferences. Student early bird conference registration and hotel room (usually two students to a room) are also covered and are typically paid for by the conference.  Meals are not reimbursed.

The funding is made possible by the generosity of Mr. Myron Zucker, a long time former member and friend of IAS with a special concern for the education of young members.

The Annual Meeting Zucker Travel Program will be jointly organized with the AMTGP Travel Award. For latest travel program details and 2016 application, please visit the CMD website Travel Programs, >> Annual Meeting Travel Programs.

Design Contest

The Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Design Contest is open to all IEEE Undergraduate student members.  For the latest contest details and Design Contest 2018 Application, please visit the CMD website Society Chapter Awards, >> IAS Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Design Contest.

The contest includes two separate categories, individual design contest and team design contest.

The selected projects will be awarded by cash prizes, department prizes and travel aids to attend the IAS Annual Meeting.

The funding is made possible by the generosity of Mr. Myron Zucker, a long time former member and friend of IAS with a special concern for the education of young members.