Mentoring Resources and Tools

There are so many opportunities and careers in engineering.

At our annual meeting, we hold a mentoring program for small groups of students and young professionals to talk with experts from a range of fields, gaining their experience and advice in different career pathways. It’s a great way to get in-person guidance and make connections. For more information for this year’s IAS annual meeting, please visit:

The following IAS young professionals are finding their path to career satisfaction. Perhaps one of their stories featured in our Pathways articles in the IAS Magazine can inspire or encourage you in your own career journey. You can also see all of our Pathways’ articles by downloading this PDF.

Sara Roggia

Sara Roggia

Career Path: R&D Engineer; Design Engineer

Long Zhao2

Long Zhao

Career Path: Academia


Guilherme Hübner

Career Path: Quality Engineer; Automation Engineer


Hossam Eldeeb

Career Path: Motor Control Engineer; Academic Teaching


JiangBiao He

Career Path: Academia; R&D Engineer


Zhaohao Ding

Career Path: Academia

Advance Your Career

Whether you are starting out or at the very height of your career, these are the stepping stones of your professional path. No matter where you are in your journey, IEEE can help you find your path. Check out all the resources available to you!