The IAS Education Department is responsible for evaluating educational opportunities for IAS members.

Expert webinars

These technical webinars are presented by the world foremost experts on various current topics of interest to the IAS membership. The series started in mid 2015, and past webinars are available for viewing at any time, at your convenience. Future webinars are available in a live format, where attendees can prepare and ask questions to the presenter. These webinars are free, and available to all, members of IAS or not.

Individuals interested in transportation issues, electric machines, or both can attend the following webinar sponsored by the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community:  Electric Machines - The Enabling Technology for a New Wave of Electrification, by Prof. Patrick Luk (August 10).

Young professional / student webinars

The IAS offers a series of webinars developed by and for young professionals and students. While focusing on the younger members of IAS these webinars are open to anyone with an interest in the topic being presented. They are also available to anyone, member of IAS or not.


In addition, a tutorial program is currently under development. Stay tuned for further announcements.