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IAS Tutorial on Grounding and Bonding Practices: Principles and Applications for Electrical Safety and Lightning Protection

Abstract Grounding and bonding are one of the most important requirements for electrical and electronic system design, yet it is probably the least understood by many engineers. Often blended with misconceptions, in the final implementation it is typically necessary to strike a balance between electrical safety, electromagnetic interference (EMI) control, and good engineering practices. Achieving […]

IEEE Sensors Advisory Committee Leadership Summit

Hawk Tower 255 South King Street, Seattle

Resolving Interoperability and Cybersecurity Issues for IoT-Enabled Sensor Devices Internet of Things (IoT) sensors have experienced explosive growth during the last decade and are poised for continued mass-scale adoption in smart cities, industrial IoT, healthcare, and the automotive industry, including the oncoming autonomous vehicles markets. This growth has exposed issues with network interoperability and cybersecurity […]