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The last 50th Anniversary Cake Cutting Ceremony of the year 2015 at the meeting of the American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) Student Branch IAS Chapter on Dec 17, 2015. The chapter is part of the AIUB Student Branch  and the very first IAS Chapter formed in Bangladesh.  


  DUTh 4     DUTh 2  
  DUTH 4 2   DUTh 3

The first CMD & Chapter Joint Meeting of the year 2016 was hosted by the DUTh SB IAS Chapter, Xanthi, Greece, January 7-8, 2015. Technical lecture of Tomy Sebastian, President Elect;  the information desk; presentation of the Jan 2016 issue of the Diploma as well at the e-car of the EE Department.



Chapter Counter, 03 February 2016

Section Chapters  144   7% of   2116
Student Branch Chapters      132  14% of    922
Total  276   9% of   3038

The list of new chapters is available on the page Chapters by Region, Chapter Development Boom June 2015 -



Chapter Map

The map below is an interactive map that lists all of the IAS chapters throughout the world.  We make every effort to keep our chapter rosters updated, but realize that errors occur.  If you find a mistake in one of our listings please let us know by sending an email to the Society Administrator.  In some cases there will be a link to the chapter's website where local events may be listed.IEEE Sections are bound by georgraphic regions.  All of the IAS chapters fall into one of the ten predetermined sections.

For a complete explanation of Sections and Chapters, including the proper geographic boundaries, please visit the IEEE website


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