The IAS Standards Department shall be aware of and assess the adequacy of current, developing and future needs for standards, shall influence or implement IAS actions to meet these needs, shall coordinate liaison with standard making and code-making bodies which affect all aspects of the IAS, shall provide the focal point and authority to carry out this action, and shall represent IAS in its relationships with the IEEE Standards Board.


Chair:  Ray Crow

Vice Chair Daleep Mohla
SA program manager Ron Hotchkiss


IAS is one of the most prolific societies in the standards activities. Currently, IAS has 76 active standards 

IAS sponsors a wide range of standards in the following subjects:

  1. Arc Flash
  2. Design and Installation of electrical facilities – Color Books 
  3. System Short Circuit Calculations
  4. Electrical protective device coordination 
  5. System transient stability studies 
  6. System and Equipment Grounding 
  7. Electrical Heat Tracing 
  8. Motors  specifications and repairs ; and Motor Control Centers for enhanced safety
  9. Electrical Installations on Shipboards and ship to shore connections
  10. Marine Cables
  11. Safety by design 
  12. Installation in  Hazardous  (Classified ) locations 
  13. Managing Natural Disasters and Recovery
  14. Selection,  Field testing and Life expectancy  of Molded Case circuit breakers
  15. Fire rated cables 
  16. High pressure conduit and cable seals for process equipment.

The Industry Application Society (IAS) recently formed a  new Data Center subcommittee under the direction of the Codes and Standards Committee of  the Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (I&CPS) Department. The charter of this subcommittee is to support this important industry and provide leadership and coordinate electrical power distribution standards. 

IAS is a transnational organization. A strong effort is underway to get volunteers from other countries engaged in preparing IAS standards based on practices and rules there.  Working with IEEE-SA, IAS is engaging in a program for preparation and acceptance of IAS standards in India.

IAS Standards program is driven by active volunteers.

Contact Ray Crow if you would like to join any of the working groups active in standards or initiate a new standard.