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Each Technical Department and Technical Committee within IAS has its own history and operating guidelines. The Publications Department does not have a single set of processes that describe how each Technical Committee should operate. The workload of Technical Committees varies from a handful of papers per year to hundreds of papers per year, and there is no on-size-fits-all approach. However, the Publications Department and the Editors-in-Chief have the responsibility to provide the platforms to conduct reviews for the benefit of all IAS members, within the Operating Policies and Procedures of IEEE.

All Technical Departments have a Vice-Chair Papers (or Publications) and all Technical Committees have a Technical Committee Paper Review Chair (TCPRC), Committee Administrator (CA) and Associate Editors (AE). In general: CA’s issue invitations to submit papers; TCPRC assign papers to AE’s and make final recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief; AE’s assign papers to reviews and make recommendations to the TCPRC. In many committees, the CA and TCPRC roles are combined. Additionally, there is am ”S1M Administrator”, who has supports the entire publications process within Manuscript Central

Technical Department Vice-Chair Papers and TCPRC’s are responsible for managing the review process in their areas and for nominating and reviewing papers for the annual prize paper awards.

Useful Resources for VC-Papers, TCPRC’s and AE’s

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Legal Advisory

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