Information About Special Issues

The IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications publishes up to three Special Issues each year.

Questions or proposals for Special Issues should be directed to the Transactions Editor-in-Chief at

The first available publication date for a Special Issue is January 2026.


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New Special Issues


Advances in Energy Conversion, Control, Operation and Planning Towards Self-Sustained Highway Transportation Energy System

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Abstracts for papers due by 01-Oct-2022


Towards Resilient Power Grids Integrated with High-Penetrated Renewable Energy Sources: Challenges, Opportunities, Implementation Strategies, and Future Perspectives

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Abstracts for papers due by 01-March-2023


Smart and Small Power Conversion with Integration Technology

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Abstracts for papers due by 31-March-2023


Closed and Past Special Issues

Design and Optimisation of Electric Motors for Traction Applications
Mar/Apr 2023
Smart Buildings for Smart Cities
Jan/Feb 2023
FAST, SUPER FAST and ULTRA SUPER FAST Intelligent and Smart Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles
Sept/Oct 2022
Advanced Technology and Application for Hydrogen-Integrated Transportation and Power Systems
Mar/Apr 2022
Advanced and Emerging Technologies of High-efficiency and Long-distance Wireless Power Transfer Systems
Jan/Feb 2022
Magnetically Levitated Motor Systems
Nov/Dec 2021
Multilevel Converter applications in the area of Renewable Energy, More Electric Propulsion, Electric Vehicles and Power Grid integration
Jan/Feb 2021
Advanced Approaches and Applications for Electric Vehicle Charging Demand Management
Sep/Oct 2020
Security, Reliability, Privacy, and Quality in Industrial Automation and Control
July/Aug 2020
Building Automation, Metering and Microgrids for Energy Efficiency in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
Nov/Dec 2019
High Performance Power Electronic Converters: Topologies, Control, and Devices
Nov/Dec 2019
Grid-Connected Power Electronics Systems: Stability, Power Quality, and Protection
Sep/Oct 2018
Fault Diagnosis of Electric Machines, Power Electronics and Drives
May/Jun 2017
Grounding Systems
Nov/Dec 2015