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IEEE Sensors Advisory Committee Leadership Summit

Resolving Interoperability and Cybersecurity Issues for IoT-Enabled Sensor Devices

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors have experienced explosive growth during the last decade and are poised for continued mass-scale adoption in smart cities, industrial IoT, healthcare, and the automotive industry, including the oncoming autonomous vehicles markets. This growth has exposed issues with network interoperability and cybersecurity that are beginning to plague the industry. They represent the biggest impediments to market growth – adding implementation costs, impeding system-wide cybersecurity solutions, and leading to closed-loop systems that hinder free-market competition. Another major concern is that devices with IoT sensors are not positioned to take full advantage of the IoT.

In the effort to address these challenges, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) is seeking qualified participants for an in-person roundtable meeting where industry, government agencies, and other stakeholders will address possible solutions.

Major discussion topics:

  • Interoperability, cybersecurity, and conformity assessment
  • Implementations of emerging sensor standards
  • How to restore users’ trust in product specifications