Travel Programs

Travel Programs



IAS CMD Conference Student Publication and Travel Grant Program

Managed by Mohit Setia, CMD Travel Grants Committee, Conference Publication and Travel Program Management

Conference Student Travel and Publication Support Application Form

Applications will be accepted on demand continuously. 



IAS WIE Initiative Travel Grant Program 2017

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2017 02 WIE ILC Logo   

Group of travel award recipients with IAS and conference leaders at RRR9

2017 01 RRR9


Conference travel grant program for supporting IAS female members to attend international or regional WIE, leadership, YPP and student led conferences 2017. The grant can be used only for partly covering the registration, accommodation and travel expenses.

The available funding is US$30,000 which will be covered by the IAS budget.

Managed by 

Taqua Khairy, CMD Travel Grants Committee, WIE Affinity Group Management

The evaluation of the applications will be made by an Ad-hoc Committee, chaired by Peter Magyar, IAS CMD Chair

Committee Members:

Prof. Chiara Boccaletti, IAS Treasurer; Ms. Christina-P. Malliou, CMD Support Programs Committee Chair; Ms. Lucia Pia Torres, IAS SB Chapters Area Chair R9 (South America); Ms. Lesley Arakkal, CMD Awards Committee Chair (South Africa)

The application has been closed on February 27, 2017

Total number of applications: 74 

Not eligible: 5 (male applicants)

Number of selected applicants: 35 



IAS CMD Conference Information Desk Volunteer Program 2018

Manual for IAS Info Desk Volunteers

Sample pictures of information desks

2017 01 1 2017 01 2 2017 01 3

2017 01 4 2017 01 6 2017 01 7

2017 01 5  2017 01 8 2017 01 9

 Supported events, 2018

Date Event Volunteer
Feb 08 TPEC 2018, College Station, TX USA Llyod Waggoner, Albuquerue, NM USA
Feb 22 PECI 2018, Urbana-Champaign, IL USA You Lin, Dallas, TX USA
Mar 04 APEC 2018, San Antonio, TX USA IAS Staff and EB
Mar 19 ESW 2018, Fort Worth, TX USA Payman Dehghanian, Washington DC, USA
June 05 PCIC Europe, Antwerpen, Belgium Mladen Gagic, Belgium
June 12 I&CPS and EEEIC Congress, Palermo, Italy University of Rome SB IAS Chapter
July 25 R8 SYP Congress, Porto, Portugal Tasneem Yousif, Bahrain
July 26 Power Africa, Cape Town, South Africa Lesley Arakkal, Pretoria and Lebogang Madise, Cape Town, South Africa
Aug 12 SAE, Budapest, Hungary IAS EB
Aug 30 R10 SYWL Conference, Bali, Indonesia Local IAS YP Team
Sep 03 ICEM, Greece TBD
Sep 23 IAS AM, Portland, WA USA Zucker Travel Award Recipients
Oct TBD RRR9, Guadalajara, Mexico TBD
Dec 14 Student Conference on Electric Machines and Systems, Hangzhou, China Ákos Cseh, Hungary
Dec 18 PEDES, Chennai, India Srikanth Vasudevan P, Kerala, India



APEC and ECCE Conference Travel Grant Programs

ECCE 2015 Student Travel Grant Winners´ List

ECCE 2016 Student Travel Grant Winners´ List

ECCE 2017 Student Travel Grant Program

ECCE 2018 Travel Grants application forms are available in the ECCE website.

- Student travel grant program (deadline: July 30)

-- Student Travel Grant

-- Student Project Demonstrations

-- Student Volunteer Opportunities

- WIE travel grant program

Managed by IAS IPCSD


APEC 2017 Student Travel Grant Winners´ List

APEC 2018 Application Form is available in the APEC website.

- Student travel Grant

Managed by Power Sources Manufacturers Association ( PSMA )



Myron Zucker Prevention Through Design - Student Engineering Education Initiative (ESW Travel Grant Program) 

Managed by Payman Dehghanian, CMD Travel Grants Committee, ESW Travel Grant Management

Application Form 2017

Winners 2017

Application Form 2018



Archive Information

Annual Meeting Travel Grant Program, AMTGP 2017

AMTGP and Zucker Travel Award

Managed by

- Beáta Polgári, CMD Travel Grants Committee Chair

- Peter MagyarCMD Chair

All information will be available in the site Chapters Annual Workshop 2017.


Archive Information

Annual Meeting Travel Grant Program, AMTGP 2016

Call For Application 2016 

Process Flowchart - Instructions

AMTGP Reimbursement Set

Calculation example with multiple currencies

Video demonstration (prepared by Christina-P. Malliou, CMD Support Programs Committee Chair): How to fill an ER form?

2016 Travel Grant Recipients:

Sorted by country and surname

2017 1 AM 2016

Participants of the CMD and Chapters Annual Meeting 2016