Travel Programs

Travel Programs


IAS CMD Conference Student Publication and Travel Grant Program

Conference Student Travel and Publication Support Application Form

Applications will be managed on demand continuously if funds available. 

Due to limited number of travel grants, travel subsidy to APEC 2022, ECCE 2022 and IAS Annual Meeting 2022 will not be provided from this program. Travel grant applications to these conferences should be submitted at the particular conference student travel programs.

Managed by Richard Cselko, IAS CMD Student Technical Conferences Committee Chair


IAS WIE Initiative Travel Grant Program 2022

 2017 02 WIE ILC Logo

The IAS CMD WIE travel grant program is currently open. The program will allow IAS members to apply for a travel grant to attend a local WIE International Leadership Summit (ILS). The deadline for submissions is 3 October 2022.

Information about the upcoming 2022 IEEE WIE International Leadership Summits can be found at the following link: IEEE WIE ILS 2022


The IAS CMD WIE ILS Travel Grant Guidelines and Application Form are as follows:

WIE ILS Travel Grant Guidelines

Application Form

Managed by

Pooja Singh, IAS CMD WIE Chair

Sumit Chhabria, IAS CMD Students, YP and WIE Events  Committe Chair


IAS CMD Conference Information Desk Volunteer Program

Manual for IAS Info Desk Volunteers

Sample pictures of information desks

2017 01 1 2017 01 2 2017 01 3

2017 01 4 2017 01 6 2017 01 7

2017 01 5  2017 01 8 2017 01 9



APEC and ECCE Conference Travel Grant Programs

ECCE 2015 Student Travel Grant Winners´ List

ECCE 2016 Student Travel Grant Winners´ List

ECCE 2017 Student Travel Grant Program

The annual ECCE Student Travel Grant Program Application Forms are available on the ECCE website.

Managed by IAS IPCSD


APEC 2019 Student Travel Grant Program Application Form

Managed by Power Sources Manufacturers Association ( PSMA )



Myron Zucker Prevention Through Design - Student Engineering Education Initiative (ESW Travel Grant Program) 

Managed by Payman Dehghanian, CMD Travel Grants Committee, ESW Travel Grant Management

Application Form 2017

Winners 2017

Application Form 2018

Winners 2018



AMTGP 2022

Annual Meeting Travel Grant Program, AMTGP 2022

The 2022 AMTGP program is open for submissions. Deadline for submissions has been extended to 22 July 2022.

AMTGP 2022 Application Form

AMTGP 2022 Guidelines


Archive Information

Annual Meeting Travel Grant Program, AMTGP 2016

Call For Application 2016 

Process Flowchart - Instructions

AMTGP Reimbursement Set

Calculation example with multiple currencies

Video demonstration (prepared by Christina-P. Malliou, CMD Support Programs Committee Chair): How to fill an ER form?

2016 Travel Grant Recipients:

Sorted by country and surname

2017 1 AM 2016

Participants of the CMD and Chapters Annual Meeting 2016