IAS Candidates for Election

2022 IAS Election Ballot for 2023 IEEE Industry Applications Society Board Positions


Society Vice-President: Ayman EL-Refaie (biography)

Industrial and Power Commerical Power Systems Technical Department Chair: Rob Hoerauf (biography)

Process Industries Technical Department Chair: Nehad El-Sherif (biography)

Members-at-Large (three positions open)

Prerna Gaur (biography) vs. Ankita Dwivedi (biography)

Fei Gao (biography) vs. Luigi Martirano (biography)

Payman Dehghanian (biography) vs. Dave Hernandez (biography)


Only IEEE Industry Applications Society Council Members are permitted to vote in the elections.  Council members will receive an election code via email that is required to vote.  If you believe that you are a Council member and have not received a code, please contact Lynda Bernstein, Society Administrator, at ias-administrator@ieee.org with your name and council position by 31 August 2022. 

2022 Ballot


updated August 2022