Following up on the COVID 19 issue, the WHO has declared COVID-19 disease to be a pandemic and the number of cases in Alberta have increased. Our number one priority is the health and safety of ESTMP participants, the ESTMP 2020 committee has decided to reschedule the workshop till the Fall of 2020. The ESTMP committee will provide more details in the coming weeks about the new dates and workshop hotel.

  1. The Authors, Attendees and Sponsors will keep the benefits of their selections of registration or paid-sponsorship package to the rescheduled workshop whenever and wherever in Alberta it should take place. This is a deviation from the cancellation policy as published on our web site and only applies to the registration fees. Travel and accommodation expenses are the full responsibility of the attendees. Hotel cancellation is the responsibility of the participants.
  2. In the case of the Sponsors, this decision should increase the duration of their exposure as long as they paid their sponsorship fees.
  3. The ESTMP committee will not be able to accept/honor any cancellation or refund at this time.
  4. The ESTMP committee members are in negotiation with all ESTMP service providers to mitigate the financial impact of rescheduling the workshop.

We expect to welcome you at the next ESTMP Workshop in the best health and safety conditions for a successful event as usual.