Proposal Submissions for 2020 Power Africa due 31 May 2019

The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) and the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) invite you to submit a proposal to serve as host of the IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica Conference 2020.
The proposal requirements are described in more detail below, but each proposal should contain suggested conference dates in 2020, descriptions of the proposed venue(s), pre-conference budget, and information about the chapter – including descriptions of the volunteers proposed to serve as key members of the local conference organizing sub-committees, and agreements regarding specific PowerAfrica Conference hosting requirements.
Due date for submitting a proposal is May 31, 2019 to Roseanne Jones, from the PES Executive Office.


This conference, sponsored by IEEE’s Power & Energy Society (PES) and Industry Applications Society (IAS), aims to provide a premier platform for electrical engineers, investors, leaders in the power industry, and scientists in universities and research centers to present their works and share experiences and ideas in the area of power and energy engineering with experts, practitioners and scholars from around the world, but specifically the African continent. Attendees are provided with an unparalleled opportunity to interface with experts from all related fields including, but not limited to, power generation, transmission and distribution; smart grid technologies; asset management; skills development; project financing; rural electrification; and energy security. The conference is unique in addressing electrification challenges through a practical more than academic approach.

The PowerAfrica Conference has been held at the following locations:

2007 – Johannesburg, South Africa, 16 – 20 July

2012 – Johannesburg, South Africa, 9 – 13 July

2016 – Livingston, Zambia, 28 June – July 3

2017 – Acura, Ghana, 25 – 30 June

2018 – Cape Town, South Africa 26-29 June

2019 – Abuja, Nigeria, 20-23 August

A Review of the Focus/Typical Content of PowerAfrica Conference Programs

We intend for this PowerAfrica Conference to be very practical in nature, with attendees leaving empowered to act on experiences and ideas shared. Publications for this conference are yet to be defined.

PowerAfrica Conference Program Components

In planning a PowerAfrica Conference technical program day, Conference Organizers would be encouraged to include parallel tracks (3 or so) for paper, panel and/or poster presentations, and working group/other meetings as suitable. Some presentations and panels could also be targeted towards practical applications and experiences of persons actively working in the power & energy sector.

PowerAfrica Conference programs should also include a suite of Power & Energy tutorials - which could be offered prior to or following the core of the meeting - in addition to the paper and panel sessions.

PowerAfrica Conference programs should also typically include some IEEE Student activities, Young Professionals activities, IEEE Smart Village, and Women in Power (WiP) activities – all of which would be actively supported by PES/IAS.

Finally, Conference Organizers would also be encouraged to arrange technical tours – particularly those that highlight the local industry.


In summary, PowerAfrica conferences should be an opportunity for Practicing Engineers, Academics, Sector Researchers, Authorities and all others to come together, network and share and exchange ideas regarding cutting-edge industry content.