IAS Call for Mentors at 2019 IAS Annual Meeting

Are you interested in helping students and young professionals to start off their career? Would you like to provide career advice and share your experience with them?

You are invited to become a mentor at the first annual “Roundtable Mentoring Session”, at the IAS annual meeting in Baltimore (https://ias.ieee.org/2019annualmeeting) on Tuesday Oct. 1st, 2019 [1]. 


The roundtable mentoring session is meant to provide a forum for students and young professionals (SYP) to connect with experts from industry and academia to learn about the various available career options.


The session will be setup in the form of multiple themed tables. Each table will have 1-mentor and a maximum of 5-SYP to facilitate discussion. Each SYP will get an opportunity to visit 2-different tables of their choice. The event will focus on three career tracks: Academia, Corporation, and Entrepreneurship, and each table will feature one of the following themes:

1.      Academia

·         Teaching

·         Research

2.      Corporation

·         Research and development (R&D)

·         Sales and marketing

·         Business development

·         Product management

·         Manufacturing

·         Product certification

3.      Entrepreneurship

·         Start-ups

·         Innovation

Time and date

The session will start on Tuesday Oct. 1st, 2019 at 12:00pm and will run for 2-hours. Lunch will be provided.

Tentative Schedule

Introduction      à  20 mins

Break to tables  à    5 mins

1st round            à   45 mins

Break to tables   à     5 mins

2nd round           à   45 mins

Becoming a Mentor

Please fill out the following form: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/0d1e3486caa14cc49ec000658e1940d1

[1] Please note that IAS will not cover travel expenses