Congratulation to the following IAS Award winners

Congratulation to the following IAS Award winners

2018 IEEE Power Medal Award:  Hirofumi Akagi

2017 IEEE IAS Outstanding Achievement Award:  Braham Ferreira

2017 IEEE IAS Distinguished Service Award:  Jerry Hudgins

2017 IEEE IAS Andrew W. Smith Outstanding Young Member Achievment Award: Dr. Xu She

2017 IEEE Outstanding Young Member Service Award:  Megha Tak

2017 Industrial Power Conversion Systems Department Gerald Kliman Innovator Award:  Richard Lukaszewski

2017 Industry Applications Society Prize Papers


1st Place:  "Design Concepts for a Fluid-Filled Three Phase Axial-Peg-Style Electrostatic Rotating Machine Utilizing Variable Elastance", Baoyun Ge and Daniel C. Ludois

2nd Place:  "A Fast Mechanical Switch for Medium-Voltage Hybrid DC and AC Circuit Breakers", Chang Peng, Iqbal Husain, Alex Q. HUang, Bruno Lequesne and Roger Briggs

3rd Place:  "Electrical Model of Building Structures under Ground-Fault Conditions-Part I", Fabio Freschi, Massimo Mitolo, Roccardo Tommasini

Honorable Mention:  "Design and Performance Characterization of a Novel Low-Pole Dual-Stator Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machine for Traction Application", Yingijie Li, Dheeraj Bobba and Bulent Sarlioglu


1st Place:  "Ensuring Stable Operation with Grid Codes:  A Look at Canadian Wind Farm Interconnections", Peter E. Sutherland

2nd Place: "The Useful Life of Inverter-Based Drive Bearings:  Methods and Research Directions from Localized Maintenance to Prognosis", Annette Muetze and Elias G. Strangas

Honorable Mention:  "New Way to See the Light Improving Light Quality with Cost-Effective LED Technology", Michael Schratz, Christine Gupta, T. J. Struhs and Kara Graya