Call for Volunteers for IAS Strategic Goal Planning

Call for IAS Volunteers :

The IAS has created four (4) Ad Hoc panels to immediately pursue work on 4 key strategic goals to enhance the value of IAS for its members and for human society:

1)  IAS  Sustainability projects    

2)  Bridge-Building, Alliances and Partnering projects    

3)  Professional & Career Development Resources for our Members 

4)  Projects Benefitting Humanity

This is an open call for all IAS members to accept this invitation to come and join us as a volunteer in this important effort.   Do you have a passion to be involved in any of these areas?  Then let us know.   We will have micro-volunteer work available for individuals who can make only limited time commitments (such as our IAS student members).     To volunteer yourself, or to ask questions, please send an email to:   David Eng, IAS vice president,   Email: