OJIA Editorial Board

Get published in the new IEEE Open Journal of Industry Applications

In keeping with IEEE's continued commitment to providing options to support the needs of all authors, IEEE is introducing an Open Journal for the Industry Applications Society

The editor-in-chief of the IEEE Open Journal of Industry Applications, Prof Pericle Zanchetta, will work with an Editorial Board drawn from accross the scope of the Industry Applications Society. The Editorial Board members are experienced in their fields and demonstrate the diversity of IAS membership. Strategic direction and interfacing with the IAS Executive Board and IAS Council will be managed by the Steering Committee. Members of the Editorial Board and Steering Committee are listed below; additional members will be announced during the IAS Annual Meeting in October 2019.

Editorial Board

  • Prof. Pericle Zanchetta, University of Nottingham, UK (Editor in Chief)
  • Prof. Luca Solero, Università Roma Tre, Italy (Deputy Editor in Chief)
  • Dr. Emmanuel Agamloh, Baylor University, USA
  • Prof. Fernando Briz, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain
  • Dr. Chiara Boccaletti, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy
  • Dr. Shafiq Odahno, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Dr. Giovanna Oriti, Naval Postgraduate School, USA
  • Prof. Jean Luc Schanen, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France

Steering Committee

  • Prof. Andy Knight, University of Calgary, Canada (Publications Dept Chair, IEEE IAS)
  • Prof. Pericle Zanchetta (Editor in Chief)
  • Prof. Luca Solero (Deputy Editor in Chief)
  • Prof. Fernando Briz
  • Prof Jean Luc Schanen