Joint Publications - Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics

Power electronics has matured as a discriminating technology for a wide variety of applications from industrial to transportation to commercial to appliances to energy efficiency and to handheld devices. The technology has evolved tremendously to approach a wide range of applications and implementations that push limits in dynamics and energy conversion performance. Consequently, the amount of research work in emerging and selected topics and the need for close collaborations among industry, research, and academia are growing at an unprecedented speed. The challenge in the coming years lies in developing new techniques at the lowest possible cost, size and weight for emerging applications.  To address this technology trend and to serve our members better, the IEEE  Power Electronics Society and the IEEE Industry Applications Society co-sponsor IEEE  Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics (J-ESTPE).

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Special Issue Calls for Papers

JESTPE publishes a significant number of timely special issues on topics within its scope. Current Calls for Papers are:


TitleSubmission DeadlineScheduled Publication
Special Issue on Smart Solid State Transformers for AC/DC Hybrid Power Grids Dec 1 2021 Apr 1 2021
Special Issue Commemorating 40 Years of WEMPEC, 2021 Apr 15
30 Nov 2020
Jun 2021
Special Issue on Failure Mechanisms, Fault Characterization and Condition Monitoring of Power Electronics Components and Systems Apr 30 2021 Oct 2021
Special Issue on Emerging Applications of Power Electronics in Developing Economies Power Conversion Mar 31 2021 Sep 2021
Special Issue on Modelling and Analysis of Interaction between Grids and Grid Connected Power Electronics Converters in Distribution Networks Oct 30 2020 Apr 2021
Special Issue on Smart Solid State Transformers for AC/DC Hybrid Power Grids Oct 1 2020 Apr 2021
Special Issue on Topologies, Modeling Methodologies and Control Techniques for High-Frequency Power Conversion

Apr 30
Jul 15 2019

June 2020
Special Issue on Power Integration with WBG Devices and Components June 30 2019 December 2019
Special Issue on Complex Vector Theory and its Application in Power Electronic Systems June 30 2019 March 2020
Special Issue on Modeling, Topology and Control of Grid-Forming Inverters June 15 2019 June 2020
Special Issue on Power Converters and Control Techniques for Very Fast Response Applications July 15 2019 June 2020
Special Issue on DC Microgrid Protection September 15 2019 August 2020
Special Issue on Topology, Modeling, Control and Reliability of Bidirectional DC/DC Power Converters in DC Microgrids October 1 2019 September 2020
Special Issue on Sustainable Energy through Power-Electronic Innovations in Cyber-Physical Systems, October 15 2019 August 2020


All manuscripts must be submitted through Manuscript Central at Manuscripts submitted for the journal will be reviewed by its editorial board, including guest editors for special issues/sections.

Questions or request for additional information shall be directed to the Editor-in-Chief:

Prof. Joseph Ojo
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tennessee Tech University