IEEE Industry Applications Magazine

Industry Applications Magazine is focused on “Advancing the Practice of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Industry”. The current Editor-in-Chief is Dave Durocher,

Aims and Scope

The IEEE Industry Applications Magazine publishes articles concerning technical subjects and professional activities that are within the Scope of the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) and are of interest to society members. The information includes but is not limited to articles, product reviews, book reviews, new standards, education information, announcements of conferences, workshops, new publications, committee meetings, and reports of lASactivities. The Magazine communicates Executive Board actions to IAS members as required by the IAS Constitution and By-Laws.

IEEE Xplore

Information about the magazine and about recently published papers is available on its IEEE Xplore page.

Paper Submission

For its flagship Transaction and Magazine, IAS maintains a Present-to-Publish policy. The fundamental principle behind this policy is that face-face explanation and defense of a piece of work provides valuable feedback to authors about any limitations and opportunities to improve the work. Based on the in-person feedback gained presenting work at a conference, authors can then further improve their papers prior to publication in Transactions on Industry Applications or Industry Applications Magazine. This policy means that authors cannot directly submit papers to IEEE Industry Applications Magazine. Authors must be invited to submit their work for review by a Technical Committee after presentation at a conference. If the paper is of a stuiable quality, The Technical Committee Paper Review Chair then makes a recommendation for publication in either Transactions or the Magazine. The procedures for this process depend on the relevant Technical Department and Technical Committee.

Information for Authors, Reviewers and Technical Committees for IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications applies equally to IEEE Industry Applications Magazine.