CMD Financial Programs



CMD Financial Programs Overview

Reimbursement Process and Instructions



CMD Financial Programs Overview

Starting Subsidy for New Chapters

IAS provides starting subsidy for all new technical, student branch and joint chapters.

Effective by Jan 1, 2018, the funds is ($500/12)*<number of the signing IAS members of the petition>, limited to $500. Having the chapter approved and the Geo-Code provided, please manage your starting subsidy immediately. The chapter is eligible for the starting subsidy if the document set will be submitted not later than one month after the chapter´s approval date. 

New joint chapters with the sister societies IES, PES and PELS are eligible for a starting subsidy up to $1,000/N, where N is the number of the joint societies. If an existing IAS chapter joins to other societies, the chapter is not eligible for receiving a new starting subsidy from IAS. The number of signing petitioners will be considered, too.

We can´t manage starting subsidy of other societies. Joint society chapters are requested to contact the other societies in that issue directly.

The IAS starting subsidy expieres if the payment documents will not be submitted within 4 weeks after the approval.

The starting sunsidy can´t be transferred to private bank account. Eligible bank accounts are the account of the chapter or SB or Section or the university. An alternative solution is using the Concentration Bank Account of the IEEE Section or IEEE SB.

 Template  -  Starting Subsidy Expense Report Form

Processed by the CMD Financial Committee Chair


Chapter Subsidy for Technical Activitieson special request and preliminary approval by the CMD Committees. For details, please find the Reimbursement Instructions, #3.6.

The subsidy request should contain description of the to be supported activity, event website if available, number of expected participants and the budget containing the requested IAS subsidy.

To start a subsidy request, please use the Chapter Event Information Form


Award Paymentsmanaged by the CMD Chair


AMTGP Reimbursement, managed by the CMD Chair

Please download the reimbursement set here: AMTGP Reimbursement


DL Program Reimbursement, managed by the DL/PL Chair


CMD Travel Reimbursement (Conference Travel, Info Desk Volunteer, IAS CMD WIE Initiative, CMD Conference Student Travel and Publication Program)

Managed by the CMD Committees. For details, please find the Reimbursement Instructions, #3.6. The payment request document can be submitted only after the event only. 





Reimbursement Process and Instructions 

1. All CMD financial processes will be managed through the CMD Financial Request Forms

You may find a step-by-step process description in #4 below.

Deadlines of the payment requests:

- The travel reimbursements will be managed only after finishing the trip according to the IEEE rules. Advance payment is possible only in very special circumstances. The reimbursement document should be submitted within 14 days after the last day of the trip.

- The request for chapter starting subsidy should be submitted within 4 weeks after the chapter approval


2. All financial processes need a final approval before uploading the payment request document

The final approval will be provided in the Expense Report Form (name of the approving person, handmade or digital signature and date)

The to be approved payment request document should be sent via email to

CMD Chair (payments of chapter and individual contests and awards)

CMD Financial Committee Chair (chapter starting subsidy, chapter and conference support funds, all other travel and expense reimbursements)


3. The payment request document set may contain following items 

3.1. 2019 Expense Report Form         (Read:  Expense Report Instructions)

The red lines on page one of the expense report template applies to US based volunteers only. The electronic form of reimbursement, ACH or otherwise known as Automated Clearing House, is only available within the United States. Volunteers who are located outside the US will continue to be paid via wire transfer (preferred) or via check. The bank information for wire transfer should be provided in the CMD Financial Request Form.

3.2. 2018 W8 Tax Form    (Only for non-US tax payers. Valid in 2019, too. Read: W8 and W9 Tax Form Preparation Instructions .Comment: don´t complete the field "Date of Birth" from legal issue)

3.3. 2018 W9 Tax Form    (Only for US tax payers. Valid in 2019, too. Read: W8 and W9 Tax Form Preparation Instructions .Comment: don´t complete the field "Date of Birth" from legal issue)

3.4 2018 Funding Information Form - India     (Only for Indian transactions, the form is valid in 2019, too)

3.5. All receipts and invoices.

The invoices should prove that the expenses have been really used for the approved purpose. E.g. a flight booking confirmation is not eligible. A paid flight ticket incl boarding passes is needed.

3.6. Preliminary approved and signed starting document 

- application form, hotel invoice, flight ticket, conference registration invoice and all invoices of the expenses which are claimed in the expense report for travel reimbursements

- the Chapter Event Information Form at event subsidies

- optional at starting subsidy: list of the petitioners in case of more than 6 IAS members at SB chapters and in case of less than 12 IAS members at technical chapters

The preliminary approval should be made by the responsible CMD Committee Chair. The correspondence should be sent to the CMD Chair and the CMD Financial Committee Chair. For details, visit


4. Step-by-step description of the CMD reimbursement process

4.1. Prepare the starting document (#3.6.) for getting the requested funds preliminary approved. 

4.2. Prepare the payment request document set (see #3). 

4.2.1.  Complete all fields of the Expense Report electronically, especially your Name, Member No., For Period Ending: (e.g. current date), your IEEE position (Member of:), Purpose of Trip (Date, Town). The bank connection or check address  will be clarified in the CMD Financial Request Form. Instead of this, write in the field "Send check to the following address:"  CURRENCY WAS USED: xxxx , CURRENCY CONVERSION RATE: 1USD = XXXXX. The same rate should be used also at the field "Currency Conversion Rate".

The first page of the Expense Report should be signed (hand-made or digitally) by the payment requester at "Originator´s Name & Signature".

The second page of the Expense Report Form should be completed only at travel reimbursements.

The name which will be used in the Expense Report Form, the W8/W9-Forms and the CMD Financial Request Form should be identical.

Don´t use nicknames, name abbriveations and local social forms of your name. It is preferred that as the same form of name should be used as it printed in your pesonal ID and/or in your passport.

4.2.2. Having completed and signed the Expense Report, merge all forms and attachments (#3) to a SINGLE PDF FILE to get the payment request document.

If you don´t have the appropriate program for compose different type of documents, merge all documents to a singlle PDF by scanning.

Picture files will not be accepted.

4.3. The payment request document (single PDF) schould be renamed in the following kind of ways, see examples:

        YYYY-MM-DD <chapter code> <chapter name> <purpose of payment>  e.g. 2019-02-13 SBC1234 Greenland Section University of Sciences SB IAS Chapter _ Starting Subsidy

        YYYY-MM-DD <name of the originator> <purpose of payment> e.g. 2019-02-13 Ringo Starr _ Conference Travel Program _ PECI travel

4.4. Send the completed single PDF to approval via email (see #2) for final approval.

4.5. The document will be signed by the approving CMD officer, renamed with the file name extension _signed and it will be resent you via email, see examples:

.       2019-02-13 SBC1234 Greenland Section University of Sciences SB IAS Chapter _ Starting Subsidy_ signed

       2019-02-13 Ringo Starr _ Conference Travel Program _ PECI travel _signed

This approval and providing the "signed" status should be made always by the CMD Chair or the CMD Financial Committee Chair, respectively (see #2). 

4.6. Having received the approved and signed payment request document you may upload it in the CMD Financial Request Forms.  

At completing the online forms

- Please use as the same name as it was used in the Expense Report and W8/W9-Forms

- Please be precise at providing your bank connection and mail address as well as at the fields "Reason of Payment".

- Please upload only the signed documents with the file name extension _signed.



    CMD Financial Request Form _1    for following payment transactions

       - Chapter starting subsidy

       - Chapter subsidy for technical activities

       - Contest academic prizes

         Comment: private bank account can´t be used for payment transactions.

         Permitted bank accounts:

         - Bank Account of the Chapter or SB

         - Bank account of the IEEE Section or the University (to clarified before to usage)

         - Concentration Banking Account (available at IEEE Sections, SBs; to be clarified earlier)

         The to be uploaded payment request document in form of a single PDF (#4.2.2, #4.3) should contain following documents

          - Indian transactions: #3.1, #3.4, #3.6

          - other transactions: #3.1, #3.6

        Template - Starting Subsidy Expense Report Form


    CMD Financial Request Form _2   for all other payment transactions, i.e.

       - Contests & awards individual & team prizes

       - Travel reimbursements

       - After-event reimbursements of chapter expenses

         The to be uploaded payment request document in form of a single PDF (#4.2.2, #4.3) should contain following documents in addition to the invoices

          - US transactions: #3.1, #3.3, #3.5, #3.6

          - Indian transactions: #3.1, #3.2, #3.4, #3.5, #3.6

          - other transactions: #3.1, #3.2, #3.5, #3.6


5. Tracking request process

The role of CMD in the reimbursement prosess is the approval only. Having uploaded the form by the Originator, the payment will be processed by the IAS Executive Office and the IEEE HQ, Piscataway, NJ, USA.

The process takes 2...6 weeks. If the amount won´t be credited to your account by the expected date,  please contact Ms. Lynda M. Bernstein, IAS Program Specialist, in copy to Mr. Patrick McCarren, IAS Executive Director for starting the bank transaction tracking.

Please don´t contact CMD in issue of tracking request. CMD either hasn´t got access to the payment process or can´t start a payment tracking.