Chapter Information

Chapter Information



Chapter Formation Process

The chapter formation will be processed by IEEE MGA.

Description is available in IEEE Geographic Unit Formation Policies and Petitions.

To start a chapter formation the Online Petition Form should be submitted via the link  Access the IEEE Geographic Unit Petition Application

Please consider, the Online Petition Form will not be processed by IAS but IEEE MGA. All queries related to the petition should be sent to IEEE MGA, mailto: 

If you need more detail information about the chapter formation process, please read following descriptions.

Detailed overview on basis of the MGA Operational Manual is available in Chapter formation...

Step-by-step description but the links are related to a previous version of the IEEE website: How to apply....


MGA Operations Manual

MGA Operations Manual 2021


Chapter Reporting

Both technical and SB chapters may provide reports in vTools about

- chapter activity

- status of chapter officers

- changes in the status of chapter officers, especially in electing a new chapter chair

If you are not familiar in vTools reporting, please 

- collect web information by search word "vtools reporting"

- watch the self explanatory video Technical Chapter and SB Chapter Reporting via vTools

- contact the IAS CMD Chapters and Membership Committee Chair for assistance

- read more about "Chapter Events and Officer Reorting"  in may find the PDF copy  here.


How to Check the Correctness of Status of the Chapter Roster?

1. The chapter officer status i.e. name and email address of the chair and of other chapter officers are listed in IEEE Organization Roster. This roster corresponds to the latest vTools report.

2. Since vTools doesn´t report about the chapter roster the Societies, we should set-up an own chapter roster. This is the basis of the mailing roster of CMD. The CMD chapter roster is available in >> Table: IAS Chapters by Region. This list corresponds to the latest report to IAS CMD.

3. Changes in chapter officer status shuld be reported concurrently via vTools to IEEE MGA and via email to IAS CMD. 


How To Start A Conference?

1. Visit the website of IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE)

2. Send an email describing your intent shortly

3. You will be contacted about the next step

4. If you need help in administrative issues, please contact Dr. Richard Cselko, IAS CMD Student Technical Conference Committee Chair. 

5. If you want to apply for IAS conference sponsorship, contact Dr. Tamás Ruzsányi, IAS Meeting Department Chair

6. Conference organizers must familiarize themselves with the IEEE policies. Important information regarding IEEE sponsorship types (10.1.2), naming of IEEE conferences (10.1.16) and use of the IEEE logo (10.1.17) can be found in  


"How To ...?"

How to use vTools?

How to order membership development kits?

How to manage the starting subsidy request?

How to serve as a conference info desk volunteer?

How to write for technical periodicals & conferences?

How to form an IEEE Section / Technical Chapter? (petition form valid up to Jan 1, 2017)

How to form an IEEE Student Branch? (petition form valid up to Jan 1, 2017) 

How to form an IEEE Student Branch Chapter? (petition form valid up to Jan 1, 2017)


Chapter and Member Activity and Resources

IEEE MGA Operations Manual 2016-11

IEEE Geographic Unit Formation Policies and Petitions 

Geographic Unit Operations

IEEE Technical Chapters

How To Create a New IEEE Chapter

Create a New IEEE Chapter

IEEE Officer Confirmation Report

IEEE Officer Reporting - New Officers and Officer Changes

Submitting L-31 Forms

Student Branch Operations

Student Resources

Student Branch Resources

Student Awards, Scholarships, and Fellowships

IEEE Medals, Technical Field Awards, and Recognitions

IEEE Product Orders and Sample Photos

IEEE Chapter Chairs´ Reference Guide

IEEE Membership Development Manual Student Branch Edition

IEEE Membership Development Manual

IEEE Student Branches by Region

IEEE Organization Roster


Funds Available for Student Branches

Presentation at RNR 2018, Chile


Augusto José Herrera, EdSoc Vice Chair, IEEE Argentina,



IEEE Grants - Voluntary Contribution Funds


IEEE Grants





IAS Logo


IAS Video

Video clip, 5 min

Video clip, 9 min


IAS Webinars

Student Webinars

Expert webinars


IAS Leaflets

Leaflets 2019


IAS T-shirts

Black T-shirt files, various designs ´Maxwell´ and ´Nikola Tesla´ are available, designed by Ms. Christina-Panagiota Malliou, CMD Support Programs Committee Chair.

Please consider, IAS chapters and events may use the T-shirt files free but IAS doesn´t cover the material and printing expenses.


IEEE MD Conference and Meeting Promotion Kits

IEEE MD On-Demand Kit Order Form

The form requires authentication by using the IEEE account.

User name: IEEE email address 

Password: PW of the IEEE account

For further information, please visit IEEE Support Center