talent show

The IAS CMD 2020 Talent Show 

The slogan for the IAS talent show is "unlock my talent during lockdown." We encourage you to make submissions of any talent or hobby you had the opportunity to develop or improve during lockdown. This could be your enchanting skills playing a musical instrument, dancing, artwork, singing or even sculpting - we would love to see your creative side during lockdown! There are prizes for the top three winners of the contest. Please make your submissions on the "2020 IEEE IAS Talent Show" Facebook  page: 


Program manager:

Dr. Yanni Zhong, IAS CMD PR Committee Chair



Program description:
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, there is a great risk that the existing IAS contact and engagement with chapters will be lost. It has come to the CMD’s attention that chapters have a keen interest to organize webinars to continue chapter activities and essentially keep the chapter and/or student branch "alive" during this difficult period. With this background, CMD encourages Chapters to held virtual meetings and we are pleased to help Chapters to find IAS speakers for their events.

How does the program work?

  • CMD has contacted potential speakers from the following set of IAS volunteers. There were no objections from the volunteers about receiving invitations from chapters. You may find the name, affiliation, and email address of each speaker by opening the respective link below. Some of the volunteers have already provided their presentation topic and are listed under their respective department. This list will be updated continuously as more topics are confirmed by the speakers. There are also the potential speakers and the former presenters listed.
  • Chapter contacts the required speaker individually via email with subject "Invitation for Chapters Virtual Meeting" in copy to the Program Coordinators Lesley ArakkalIAS CMD Chair & Peter Magyar, IAS Director of Chapter Development. 
  • Having received the invitation the invitee may refuse or accept it. There is no compulsion to accept any invitation.
  • If the invitee accepts the invitation, the speaker and the chapter make an agreement on topics, date and time as well as on the online platform (WebEx, Google Meet, etc) for the virtual event. The topic can be either a technical presentation or general information about the department / committee program, conferences or participation in the committee activity.
  • The participation should be open for anybody and free of charge. CMD or Chapter cannot reimburse the speakers for giving a presentation. 
  • The Chapter informs CMD about the event. Details about the event will be published on the CMD webpage. The Chapter may report the event also in the CMD Newsletter with participation opportunity in the Most Happening IAS Chapter Contest too.
  • As part of the IEEE MGA vTools, chapter chairs can request a WebEx meeting link to be created for their event. Pease see link:  https://site.ieee.org/vtools/webex-meeting-registration/. The chairs will receive the link within 3 working days.



Privacy and Copyright Instructions


  • The events of the Virtual Chapters Meeting Program should be held in compliance with the data protection and personal privacy right regulations.
  • Collecting unnecessary personal data e.g. IEEE membership number in the meeting registration form should be avoided.
  • Prior to the recording of any meeting, the hosts of the meeting should advise all participants that the meeting will be recorded.
    • Recording and especially live streaming of the events might violate personal privacy.  
    • Recording the presentation is a violation of the copyright of the author.
  • If presentations will be recorded as part of the meeting, written permission from the presenters shall be obtained prior to the presentation by using the Release Form

Meeting Overview 

- 2020 Chapter Activity First Half Year

- 2020 Chapter Activity Second Half Year