IAS Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award (first presented in 1988)

recognizes an individual for dedication and service to the IEEE Industry Applications Society.
Prize: $5,000 and Plaque

Funding: Funded by the IEEE Industry Applications Society.

Basis for Judging: Exceptional administrative, managerial and leadership achievement; proposal and/or implementation of innovative new Society programs; dedication to the growth and advancement of the Society and/or its geographic and technical entities.  Self nomination is not permitted for this award.

Presentation: At IAS Annual Meeting.

There was no recipient for the  2022 IEEE Industry Applications Society Distinguished Service Award  






IAS Distinguished Service Award Past Recipients

YearAward Recipient
2021 Adam Skorek
2020 Bruno Lequesne
2019 R.Mark Nelms
2018 John P. Nelson
2017 Jerry Hudgins
2016 Barry Brusso
2015 Carlton Speck
2014 Louie J. Powell
2013 H. Landis (Lanny) Floyd
2012 William D. Greason
2011 Robert Lorenz
2010 Mark Harris
2009 no recipient
2008 Clayton H. Reid
2007 No recipient
2006 Peter Magyar
2005 Satish Chaparala
2004 Dayne Aldridge 
2003 Andrew W. Smith
2002 Frederick C. Trutt
2001 Michael J. Foley
2000 Donald S. Brereton
1999 Baldwin Bridger, Jr.
1998 F.A. Furfari
1997 Edward A. E. Rich
1996 John H. Kassebaum
1995 Lloyd A. (Pete) Morley
1994 Eugene J. Fagen
1993 Daniel L. Goldberg 
1992 James W. Patterson
1991 E. G. (Al) Kiener
1990 James H. Beall
1989 Richard S. Nichols
1988 George W. Younkin