Committee Best Practices

Rather than reinventing the wheel on your committee, IAS is in the process of curating a repository of best practices employed throughout the society.  To share your best practices, please contact your Committee Chair.


Best Practices

  1. With each passing year, more and more of your valued volunteer members are reaching retirement, so how can you retain their active involvement in your organization?   PCIC has an answer that works very well, called the Emeritus Program, and this is administered by their Emeritus Subcommittee.   For more information on how it works, visit this link:
  2. Every organization needs to take care of its young, for they are the “future generation” coming up.   PCIC has the “Young Engineers Development Subcommittee” (also called “YEDS”) which is dedicated to that mission.   Also YEDS conducts a special program shepherding the young and not so young “first-time attendee” during their participation at the annual PCIC Technical conference.  For more information on how it works, visit these links: