Operating Department Rosters

The Industry Applications Society is comprised of many Technical, Operating Departments and Standing Committees, which are responsible for ensuring our members needs are met.

The IAS Operating Departments are Awards, Chapters and Membership (CMD), Education, Meetings, Publications, and Standards. Each department is headed by a department chair and committee members are listed below. 

Awards Department: J. Marcos Alonso, Chair

  • Nominating Committee
Akshay Rathore, Chair


  • Fellows Review Committee

Aldo Boglietti, Chair


  • Outstanding Achievment Award
Tom Jahns, Chair  t.jahns@ieee.org
  • Society Distinguished Service
John Kay, Chair


  • Outstanding Young Member Achievement Award
Ayman EL-Refaie, Chair  amelrefaie@gmail.com
  • Outstanding Young Member Service Award
Peter Magyar, Chair peter.magyar@ieee.org
  • Outstanding Educator/Mentor Service Award
Iqbal Husain, Chair


Chapters and Membership Development Department: Lesley Ann Arakkal, Chair

Education Department: Po-tai Cheng, Chair

  • Webinar Committee
Bruno Lequesne Bruno.lequesne@ieee.org
  • Tutorial Committee

J. Marcos Alonso


Meetings Department: Tamas Ruzsanyi, Chair

  • 2018 Annual Meeting Chair
Georges Zissis


  • 2019 Annual Meeting Chair
Wei-Jen Lee wlee@uta.edu
  • 2020 Annual Meeting Chair
Wei-Jen Lee wlee@uta.edu

Publications Department: Andy Knight, Chair

  • Transactions Committee
Ahmed Rubaai


  • Proceedings
Barry Brusso b.brusso@ieee.org
  • Transactions Editor-in-chief
Thomas A. Nondahl t.nondahl@ieee.org
  • Magazine Editor-in-chief
Dave Durocher davidbdurocher@ieee.org 
  • Scholar One Manuscripts Administrator
Pete Wung


Standards Department: Daleep Mohla, Chair