IAS Technical Department Roster

The Industry Applications Society is comprised of many Technical, Operating Departments and Standing Committees, which are responsible for ensuring our members needs are met.

Each Technical Department of the IAS is composed of several Technical Committees.  These Technical Committees are responsible for the solicitation and selection of papers for presentation at IEEE meetings, and for the grading and recommendation regarding publication in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications and the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine or other IEEE publications of all papers submitted for presentation or publication. Technical Committees are also responsible for the initiation, preparation and formulation of Standards, Specifications, Operating and Application Guides, Test Procedures and Recommended Practices for issue in accordance with IEEE regulations. They provide technical assistance to chapters formed within their respective scope.  See below for a list of technical committees within each of the IAS Operating Departments.

Technical Departments

Manufacturing Systems Development and Applications Marco Dalla Costa, Chair marcodc@gedre.ufsm.br
Maciej Noras mnoras@uncc.edu
Sukumar Kamalasadan skamalas@uncc.edu
Kazutake Uehira uehira@nw.kanagawa-it.ac.jp
Process Industries John Nelson, Chair jnelson@neieng.com  
  • Cement Industry
Chris Macey Chris.Macey@rescoproducts.com 
Daniel Roberts


Cheng-Tsung (CT) Liu ctliu@ieee.org
Pablo Aqueveque pablo.aqueveque@ieee.org
Jim Bowen abraxas1888@gmail.com
Mark Zawadzki mark.zawadzki@ipaper.com
Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Kent Sayler, Chair kent.sayler@ieee.org
  • Codes and Standards
Keith Waters keith.waters@se.com
  • Energy Systems

Mahesh Ilindala


  • Power Systems Engineering
Claudio Mardegan claudio.mardegan@engepower.com
  • Power Systems Protection
Saleh Saleh asaleh@unb.ca
  • Rural ElectricPower
Chris Brooks brooksc2002@hotmail.com
Industrial Power Conversion Systems Department Pericle Zanchetta, Chair pericle.zanchetta@nottingham.ac.uk 
Akira Chiba akira.chiba@nifty.com 
Mahesh Swamy mahesh_swamy@yaskawa.com 
Luca Solero luca.solero@uniroma3.it 
Tanya Gachovska tgachovska@yahoo.com 
Abdolhosein Nasiri nasiri@uwm.edu 
Bulent Sarioglu sarlioglu@wisc.edu