IAS Appointments

The following appointments for Liaisons and Ad Hoc Committess have been approved by the IAS Board

Position Name Term End Date Comments
Fellows Selection Committee Iustin Radu Bojoi 12/31/2022
Future Energy Challenge Ayman EL-Refaie


IAS Liaison to the R8 Chapter Coordination Subcommittee Lesley Arakkal End of CMD Term
IAS representative to the IEEE Sections Congress Lesley Arakkal End of CMD Term
IEEE Smart Village co-chair John Nelson 12/31/20
Sensors Council Michael Harke 12/1/2021 four year term limit
YP Rep to Sensors Council Manuel Ballesteros 12/1/2021
Smart Grid Steering Committee Chair Wei-Jen Lee 12/31/19 four year term limit
Transportation Electrification Committee Mohammad Islam 12/31/19
Smart Cities Wei-jen Lee 12/31/19
Smart Cities Chiara Boccaletti 12/31/19
WIE Representative Norma Anglani 12/31/20
WIE Representative Pooja Singh 12/31/21
YP Sumit Chhambia 12/31/20
APEC steering committee Alizreza Khaligh IAS can appoint two representatives to the APEC Steering Committee. The other IAS representative on the steering committee comes from the chair rotation: past general chair, current general chair, and next general chair.
APEC steering committee Russ Spyker
APEC steering committee Siamak Abedinpour
APEC Conference Student Travel Award Committee IAS Representative Tímea Kántor
ECCE Conference Student Travel Award Committee (IAS Representative) Ayman EL-Refaie
IEEE-USA Society Reps to the Govt. Relations Council Committees
ICEMS International Steering Committee Po-Tai Cheng 12/31/2019
ICEMS International Steering Committee TBD
IEMDC Steering Committee Andy Knight 12/31/2019
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid Wei-Jen Lee MOU states: Each Society delegate must be appointed by his/her Society President, shall serve a two-year appointment commencing Jan. 1, and may be re-appointed for two additional terms (maximum of six years in total).
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy Steering Committee Dave Dorel 12/31/2019
JESTPE Steering Committee Ojo Olorunfemi 1/1/2020 two year term limit
JESTPE Steering Committee Fernando Briz 1/1/2020
Transactions on Transportation Electrification TBD
IAS liaison to Energy Storage & Stationary Battery,  Joseph Weber 12/31/19
IAS liaison to SCC21 Daleep Mohla 12/31/19
5G Iniative Peter Sutherland 12/31/19