Society Elections


The IAS Nominations and Appointments Committee are seeking candidates for the following positions on the 2020 IAS Executive Board:

·         Chapters & Membership Chair (appointed position)

·         Education Department Chair (appointed position)

·         Awards Department Chair (appointed position)

·         Meeting Department Chair (appointed position)

·         Standards Department Chair (appointed position)

·         Process Industries Department Chair (elected position)

·         Several Members-at-Large (elected position)

To apply, please send a brief description of your relevant experience to with a copy to  In your response please specify which of the positions listed above you would like to be considered as a candidate.  The deadline for applications is March 30, 2019.


General Requirements for members of the IEEE Industry Applications Society Executive Board

Society officers and Department Chairs of the IAS Board, must be IEEE Senior Members or Fellows during their time of service (so someone becoming a senior member by Jan 2020 is eligible).  IAS Board members are expected to attend, in person preferably or electronically, at least three of the Board meetings held each year.  The Board meetings are held approximately once per calendar quarter.  The first three meetings are typically held in conjunction with an IAS Technical Conference.  The meetings usually last one and a half days, with a full day on Sunday and a half day on Monday.  Major expenses for travel are covered, except if the Board member as a part of their job would attend the conference even if not a Board member.


Members filling elected positions hold two-year terms and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.  Members filling appointed positions serve one-year terms that can be extended four times upon Executive Board approval.


Many more details concerning Board member responsibility, and election and nomination processes, are available in the IAS Constitution, By-Laws, and Policy and Procedure Manual, all available on the IAS website at:

Candidates for these positions are chosen by the Executive board. Additional candidates can be included to the ballot by petition of the membership, as outlined below. The IAS Council (link: selects among the candidates by electronic ballot, and the results are announced at the Council meeting which takes place at the IAS Annual Meeting.


Procedure to nominate a candidate by petition:

1.       The person being nominated by petition must be willing to serve for the position being considered, and evidence of this willingness must be provided to the chair of the Nominations & Appointment Committee (

2.       The petition must be supported by at least 2% of the society membership as of the end of the previous year. Approximately 250 signatures would be needed.

3.       Each supporting signature must also include:

1.       The name of the petitioner.

2.       The petitioner’s contact information.

3.       These signatures are to be sent to the IAS administrator, who will forward them to the Chair of the Nominations & Appointment Committee. Acceptable format are paper by mail, or scanned and emailed.

4.       Deadline to receive any such petition for the 2020 election is August 1, 2019.

Contact information for the IAS administrator is:


Last Updated July 31, 2019