Council Listing

IEEE Industry Applications Society Council Members

Members of the Executive Board

  • President: Georges Zissis
  • President Elect: Wei-Jen Lee
  • Vice President: David Eng
  • Treasurer: Chiara Boccaletti

Technical Department Chairs

  • MSDAD Chair: Marco Dalla Costa
  • I&CPS Chair:  Rasheek Rifaat
  • IPCD Chair: Pericle Zanchetta
  • Process Industries Chair: Steve Coppinger

Operating Department Chairs                   

  • Awards:  Akshay K. Rathore
  • CMD:  Lesley Arakkal
  • Education:   Po-Tai Cheng
  • Meetings:   Tamas Ruzsanyi
  • Publications:   Andy Knight
  • Standards:   Daleep Mohla


  • Suryanarayana Doolla
  • Nehad El-Sherif
  • Tom E. Johnson
  • Neshad Mendis
  • John Nelson
  • Abdul Ofoli
  • JX Shen
  • Pia Torres

Standing Committee Chairs                         

  • Constitution and Bylaws: Tomy Sebastian
  • Electronic Communications Chair:  Aristotelis Farmakis
  • Financial Planning: Chiara Boccaletti
  • Inter-Society Cooperation: Avoki Omekanda
  • Nominating: Tomy Sebastian
  • Long Range Planning: David Eng

Past Presidents who are current IEEE members 

  • 1979 H. Paul Meisel
  • 1988 Lloyd A. (Pete) Morley
  • 1989 Eugene J. Fagan
  • 1990 Linos J. Jacovides
  • 1991 Ronald M. Jackson
  • 1992 M. Dayne Aldridge
  • 1993 Baldwin Bridger, Jr.
  • 1994 Thomas A. Lipo
  • 1995 Barry C. Brusso
  • 1996 Fred C. Trutt
  • 1997 Paolo Tenti
  • 1998 Carlton E. Speck
  • 1999 Ira J. Pitel
  • 2000 Caio A. Ferreira
  • 2002 R. Mark Nelms
  • 2003 Jerry L. Hudgins
  • 2004 Kevin Peterson
  • 2005-2006 H. Landis Floyd II
  • 2007-2008 S. Mark Halpin
  • 2009-2010 Thomas A. Nondahl
  • 2011-2012 Bruno Lequesne
  • 2013-2014 Blake Lloyd
  • 2015-2016 David B. Durocher
  • 2017-2018 Tomy Sebastian

*IAS Executive Board Member

Committee Chairs              

MSDAD Technical Department

  • Electrostatic Processes:  Maciej Noras
  • Industrial Automation and Control:  Sukumar Kamalasadan
  • Industrial Lighting and Displays: Marco Dalla Costa
  • Awards and Recognition:  position vacant
  • Fellows and Senior Members:  position vacant
  • Nominations and Appointments:  position vacant

Process Industries Technical Department                       

  • Cement Industry: Chris Macey
  • Electrical Safety:  Daniel Roberts
  • Metals Industry:  Cheng-Tsung (CT) Liu
  • Mining Industry:   Pablo Aqueveque
  • Petroleum and Chemical Industry:  Dennis Bogh
  • Pulp and Paper Industry:  Todd Legette
  • Awards and recognition:  position vacant
  • Fellows and Senior members:  position vacant
  • Nominations and Appointments: position vacant

I&CPS Techncial Department

  • Vice Chair Technical: Kent Sayler
  • Vice Chair Papers: Rob Hoerauf
  • Secretary: Sergio Panetta
  • TBCC: Daleep Mohla
  • Codes and Standards:  Dennis Nielsen
  • Energy Systems: Mahesh Illindala
  • Power Systems Engineering:  Fabio Freschi
  • Power Systems Protection:  Saleh Saleh
  • Rural Electric Power:  Chris Brooks

IPCSD Technical Department

  • Vice Chair:Technical:  Pericle Zanchetta
  • Standards Committee Chair:  Pericle Zanchetta
  • Publications Committee Chair:  Pericle Zanchetta
  • Electric Machines: Emmanuel Agamioh
  • Industrial Drives:  Fernando Briz
  • Industrial Power Converter:  Grant Pitel
  • Power Electronic Devices and Components: Ruxi Wang
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conversion Systems:  Yilmaz Sozer
  • Transportation Systems Committee: Mohammad Islam
  • Awards and Recognition Committee:  Leon Tolbert
  • Conference Steering Committee:  Avoki Omekanda

Awards Department Operating Department                    

  • Nominating Committee:  Akshay Rathore
  • Fellows Review Committee:  Mohammad Islam
  • Outstanding Achievement Award:  Tom Jahns
  • Society Distinguished Service:  John Kay
  • Outstanding Young Member Achievement Award:  Ayman EL-Refaie
  • Outstanding Young Member Service Award:  Peter Magyar
  • Outstanding Educator/Mentor Award: Iqbal Husain

Chapters and Membership Development Operating Department  

Chapters Area Chairs

  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair, R1: Jiangbiao He
  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair, R2: Andrew M. Novotny
  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair, R3: Osama A. Mohammed
  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair, R4: David Mindham
  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair: R5: James J. Mercier
  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair, R6: Vahid Salehi Pour Mehr
  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair, R7: Akshay Kumar Rathore
  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair, R8: Giuseppe Parise
  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair, R9: Pedro Jose Duran
  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair, R10 East and South Asia: Srikanth Vasudevan Pillai
  • IAS Technical Chapters Area Chair, R10 Southeast Asia, Australia and Pacific: Enamul Haque

SB Chapters Area Chairs

  • IAS SB Chapters Area Chair, R1-6: Abla Hariri
  • IAS SB Chapters Area Chair, R7: Nikhil Valsan
  • IAS SB Chapters Area Chair, R8 Europe/Africa: Habib M. Kammoun
  • IAS SB Chapters Area Chair, R8 Middle East: Sameth Ezzat Betamo
  • IAS SB Chapters Area Chair, R9 Latin America: Caio Ruviaro Dantas Osorio
  • IAS SB Chapters Area Chair, R10 East Asia: Zhou You
  • IAS SB Chapters Area Chair, R10 South and Southeast Asia, Australia and Pacific: Arif Ahmed

Education Department Operating Department

  • Webinar Committee Chair: Bruno Lequesne*
  • Tutorial Committe Chair: Marcos Alonso*

Meetings Operating Department 

  • 2019 Annual Meeting Chair: Wei-Jen Lee
  • 2020 Annual Meeting Chair:  Wei-Jen Lee
  • 2021 Annual Meeting Chair:  David Eng

Publications Operating Department 

  • Transactions Committee: position vacant
  • Transactions Editor-in-chief:  Thomas A. Nondahl*
  • Transactions: Deputy Editor-in-chief:  Massimo Mitolo
  • Magazine Editor-in-chief:  David Durocher
  • Scholar One Administrator:  Pete Wung
  • IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics:  Joseph Ojo
  • Open Access Journal Administrator:  Pericle Zanchetta