Conference Committee

Committee List - 2021 IAS Annual Meeting

Conference Chair:
David Eng ,

Please contact David Eng or anyone else on this list if you would like to help with the conference.

Technical Program Coordinators:
Lynda Bernstein,
Andrew Knight,
Peter Wung,
Akshay Kumar Rathore, 

Technical Committee Paper Review Chairs (TCPR) - please see "Call for  papers"  for instructions on submitting papers to the conference.
General Topics:  David Eng ,    
Metal Industry:  Braz J. Cardoso,
Power Systems Engineering: Claudio Mardegan,
Industrial Lighting and Display:  Laurent Canale,
Industrial Automation and Control:  Sukumar Kamalasadan,
Data Center working group:  Tom Johnson,
Power Systems Protection:  Saleh A. Saleh,
Energy Systems:  Yuan-Kang Wu, 
Codes and Standards:   Marcelo Valdes,
Mining Industry:  Galina Mirzaeva,
Electrostatic Processes:  Kazuo Shimizu,

Conference Tutorial Chair: 
Payman Dehghanian,


Conference Treasurer:
Tamas Ruzsanyi,


Special Sessions Co-Chairs:
Rene Graves,
David Mazur,


Conference Promotion, Marketing and Partnerships Chair:
Nehad El-Sherif, 


Conference Webmaster:
Carson Bates,