IAS Presentation First Policy

  • Conferences for which all papers are eligible for review:  These are generally conferences where IAS is a financial sponsor, and includes APEC, ESW, CIC, REPC, I&CPS, PPIC, ECCE, PCIC, and the Annual Meeting.
  • Conference for which a limited number of papers (typically not more than 20% of those presented at the conference) are eligible for review as agreed in a 'memorandum of understanding' (MOU) between the conference organizers and the IAS Executive Board.
    • The organizers of these conferences are supposed notify authors about the outcome of that selection process and they are supposed to forward the list of papers that have been selected for review to IAS.
    • Normally, EiC of Transactions, reviews this list and assigns papers to specific committees who are then expected to promptly invite the authors to submit manuscripts for review.
  • Papers originating at conferences that do not explicitly appear in the list on the IAS Web Site are not eligible for review or publication by IAS, and the authors of those papers should not be given submission invitations.
  • Questions about the eligibility of papers from specific conferences should be directed (jointly) to EiC, IAS Transactions, and Chair, IAS Meetings Department.


For more information regarding IAS's presentation first policy, please see the linked PDF here.