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CMD Roster and Social Networks

Please follow the link below to view the CMD Department Roster

The contact addresses will be updated here.

Social Networks 

CMD Newsletter

Mohit Setia, Chapter Communication Committee Chair


Young Professional Program (YPP, former GOLD) Committee

Megha Tak, Chairperson


IAS Info Desk Volunteer Group

Timea Kántor, CMD Conference Support Committee Chair


IAS Engineering Design Contest

Maria P. Puentes Castilla, CMD Engineering Design Contest Committee Chair


IAS MD & New Members Club

Akram Zitoun, CMD Membership Development Committee Chair


IAS Technical English Group

Bojan Nikolic and Semra Curevac, University of Sarajevo SB IAS Chapter


IAS Student Branch Chapters R-10

Srikanth Vasudevan, IAS Sudent Branch Chapter Area Chair R-10 / Asia & Pacific, West


IAS Chapter Group R-9

Lizeth Vega Medina, Colombia Section IAS Chapter Chair


IAS Student Branch Chapters R-9

Lizeth Vega Medina, IAS Student Branch Chapter Area Chair R-9 / South America


IAS Student Branch Chapters R-8 Middle-East and Africa

Nooraldin Muala, IAS Student Branch Chapter Area Chair R-8 / Middle-East and Africa


IAS Student Branch Chapters R-8 Europe

Luigi Parise, IAS Student Branch Chapter Area Chair R-8 / Europe


Last Updated on 06 November 2014