Travel Programs

Travel Programs



IAS CMD Conference Student Publication and Travel Grant Program

Managed by Mohit Setia, CMD Travel Grants Committee, Conference Publication and Travel Program Management

Conference Student Travel and Publication Support Application Form

Applications will be accepted on demand continuously. 



IAS WIE Initiative Travel Grant Program

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Group of travel award recipients with IAS and conference leaders at RRR9

2017 01 RRR9


Conference travel grant program for supporting IAS female members to attend international or regional WIE, leadership, YPP and student led conferences 2017. The grant can be used only for partly covering the registration, accommodation and travel expenses.

The available funding is US$30,000 which will be covered by the IAS budget.

Managed by 

Taqua Khairy, CMD Travel Grants Committee, WIE Affinity Group Management

The evaluation of the applications will be made by an Ad-hoc Committee, chaired by Peter Magyar, IAS CMD Chair

Committee Members:

Prof. Chiara Boccaletti, IAS Treasurer; Ms. Christina-P. Malliou, CMD Support Programs Committee Chair; Ms. Lucia Pia Torres, IAS SB Chapters Area Chair R9 (South America); XXXX

Application Form 2017

The application has been closed on February 27, at 12:00 noon Middle European Time (UST+1)

Please sonsider, the program isavailable only for IAS female members.

Please attach a photograph in a non-saved and without registrating or signing accessible online form. If sending a photograph is not convenient for the applicant, a copy of the ID or passport with covered photograph is acceptible, too. We want to identify your name and gender only.

Applications for the events which will be held before Apr 30 should be submitted in January 2017. For participation in the events between May 1 and Dec 31, an application is requested not later than three months before the selected event, preferred in February 2017.

Not exceeding two applications will be accepted per applicants by using two different application forms. Please mark the priority 1 and 2 in the field of the event name.

Date of the evaluations:  1st run: Jan 31, 2017    2nd run starting on Feb 28, 2017 

Evaluation result of the first run is available here.

Total number of applications: 74 

Not eligible: 5 (male applicants)

Evaluation result of the 2nd run is expected on March 13, 2017.

List of some proposed events 2017 is available below.

This is not an obligatory list. The eligible applicants may propose other events, too. The Travel Grants Committee reserves the rights to include these new events in the list of the proposed events.

Date              Conference URL
IAS sponsored student led conferences of "The Club of 6"
Feb 9-10 TPEC 2017, College Station, TX USA
Feb 23-24 PECI 2017, Champaign, IL USA 
May 31-02 PEPQA 2017,Bogotá, Colombia 
Jun 21-24 IYCE 2017, Budapest, Hungary 
Oct 16-20 YSF 2017, Lviv, Ukraine

Mar 15-16 FINS 2018, Glasgow, UK
Other conferences, proposed by the WIE Committee and IAS Chapters
Feb 20-24 Engineering Week 2017 - University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington TX, USA 
Mar 16-18 R4 Student Leadership Conference at Wayne State University, Troy Community Center, Troy, MI USA 
Apr 1-2 R8 Mediterranean SBC Meeting, Xanthi, Thrace, Greece

May 7-8 IEEE GCC Students and Young Professional Congress 2017, Manama, Bahrain 
May 19-21 Mongolian Young Women in Science Conference, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
May 22-23 IEEE WIE ILC, San Jose CA, USA 
July 20-22 IHTC 2017, IEEE International Humanitarian Technology Conference, Toronto ON, Canada 
Aug 1-4 MESYP 2017, 5th IEEE Middle East SB and YP Conference, Tunis, Tunisia 
Aug 15-18 5th Peruvian IAS Workshop in conjunction with Intercon 2017, Cuzco, Peru
Oct 7-8 IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit, Sri Lanka Sachinthana Pathirana []
Oct 18-20 Colombian Conference on Automatic Control, Cartagena, Colombia 
Nov 13-15 Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería Electrónica, Arequipa, Peru 
Dec 18-20 TSYP 2017, 5th IEEE Tunisian Students and YP Congress, Yassmine Hamamet, Tunisia 



IAS CMD Conference Information Desk Volunteer Program

Managed by Galini Kondyli, CMD Travel Grants Committee, Conference Information Desk Management

Manual for IAS Info Desk Volunteers

Sample pictures of information desks

2017 01 1 2017 01 2 2017 01 3

2017 01 4 2017 01 6 2017 01 7

2017 01 5  2017 01 8 2017 01 9

List of the supported conferences

The application and evaluation process will be made in two stages.

Online application form for the first stage of selection 2017

Deadline of application: 15 February 2017, 12:00 UTC+1 (12:00 Central European Time).

The selected applicants will be informed by email and requested to complete and submit the 2nd Stage _ Application Form 2017 at earliest convenience.

2nd Stage _  Application Form 2017


APEC and ECCE Conference Travel Grant Programs

ECCE 2015 Student Travel Grant Winners´ List

ECCE 2016 Student Travel Grant Winners´ List

ECCE 2017 Student Travel Grant Program

Managed by IAS IPCSD

CMD contact Peter Magyar


APEC 2017 Student Travel Grant Winners´ List

Managed by PSMA

CMD contact Peter Magyar



Myron Zucker Prevention Through Design - Student Engineering Education Initiative (ESW Travel Grant Program) 

Managed by Payman Dehghanian, CMD Travel Grants Committee, ESW Travel Grant Management

Application Form 2017

Winners 2017



Annual Meeting Travel Grant Program, AMTGP 2017

AMTGP and Zucker Travel Award

Managed by

- Beáta Polgári, CMD Travel Grants Committee Chair

- Peter MagyarCMD Chair

Program details will be available April 2017.


Archive Information

Annual Meeting Travel Grant Program, AMTGP 2016

Call For Application 2016 

Process Flowchart - Instructions

AMTGP Reimbursement Set

Calculation example with multiple currencies

Video demonstration (prepared by Christina-P. Malliou, CMD Support Programs Committee Chair): How to fill an ER form?

2016 Travel Grant Recipients:

Sorted by country and surname

2017 1 AM 2016

Participants of the CMD and Chapters Annual Meeting 2016